Friday, 16 December 2011


A very messy Christmas The Arch Bishop of Canterbury in his thought for the day on radio 2 said that with all the best laid plans christmas usually ends up been a mess. Nothing is perfect and we always have to cope with the unexpected. After all the nativity was not the most perfect situation. An un planned pregnancy, no room at the inn and the the three wise men were late! Rowan Williams message was though that despite the chaos and the unpredictable Gods presence is always there. The party has started whatever the situation. My take in this as a yogi with a spiritual leaning rather than a christian tradition is that LOVE is always there, even those who aggravate have a place in our hearts the scene wouldn't be complete without them. Loose the desire for control, and welcome the unpredictable. Remember that the love for our friends and family is what the time of getting together is all about.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What's happening in your cosmic window. It's almost two weeks since my first blog where I mentioned that between the new moon and full moon this month we have a kind of cosmic portal between eclipses that offers us an opportunity for change. Just now (7th dec) we are in the pause, this time will end on Saturday 10th December I am asking you whats the space that your holding? Be very conscious now of what your creating, giving and receiving. What's coming your way, whats leaving. We are always in a pause of sorts. So come on then, what's yours. What'd you want, these wishes are not just for christmas these are for life. We need to hold this space now, be very clear and honest with yourself. Hold this beautiful peaceful space with your heart and your soul and nurture it. As we approach this full moon, ask yourself what are you full of? Say no to tension and stress, say yes to love and peace. World peace please, always add that to your personal mission statement.