Sunday, 15 January 2012


Is your right now right? We are told to live in the here and now. Past events create our future experiences. But what about right now? Are you doing your best at doing what is right for you. To be the friend, lover, parent, employee, employer? More importantly are you being yourself? Because if you can't be yourself who can you be? Keep this question at the front of your mind. Is your right now, right? Yoga Workshop for setting new year intentions 28th January 2-5.00 at south Wimbledon community association. £20 booking essential

Thursday, 5 January 2012

There is no such thing as 'back to Normal'

After wishing everyone a happy new year and making resolutions and welcoming the new year in why do we so want to be back to normal? Haven't we just resolved to change something? Why go back? And what is normal? Who wants same old, same old? We can't change overnight but we can try to be better. To look ahead and know where your going helps. Some people only use google maps, some of us navigate through intuition. Some people have a guide, some of us just trust. Why not just try harder to reach further. Be the best that you can be then just push your boundaries a little bit more. Don't let doubt or fear cloud your judgement. Be clear and honest with yourself. Observe your journey, the clues to where your going are there.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Another day, another soaking!

Another day, another soaking! It's kind of hard to be all hung ho about the new year when your first foot into this year is soaking wet after been blown and battered and dripping wet into your first appointment of the year. Oh joy soggy feet for the day. Where have those good intentions gone? Nothing grows in dampness, we need to cultivate the right atmosphere within ourselves in order to grow and develop. Don't give up on new year resolutions just practice patience. As it is with our yoga practice, repetition is part of the process. Learn to become this new self. Practice being your new self. The results of your good work start to show when the snow drops beginning to shoot into the first times of spring, towards the end of January. It's a time to remind ourselves of our new year intentions and then cultivate these thoughts up to Easter time when we have a new season and nature helps us to sustain our new year resolutions.