Monday, 20 February 2012


I have to credit my friend and yoga teacher Carolyn Berry for this. Whilst we were enjoying half term and dog walking sharing our love of yoga. She said "I think that yoga speaks for it's self". Words don't always express what we gain from this practice so why not today just sit quietly and let your yoga practice speak for it's self.

Monday, 13 February 2012


SHARING The heart centre - a meditation for the heart. From osho Ordinary people around the world know that love comes from the heart. To them this is hearsay. Hearts are the images of love in all cultures. We have seven sensory centres in the body, some call these centres chakras, let's just call them centres for now. These are parts of out body that can't be mapped but can be felt. When we really listen and understand our true being, these centres can be stimulated and we feel the benefit in ourselves, again not necessarily the physical body but just how we feel total, as a whole. Like all benefits of meditation and yoga, once understood in ourself they are for sharing. The heart is in our centre, there are three chakras / centres above and below. All these other centres are activated from this one. The third centre, just below the heart creates abundance and by reaching into this third centre (think about your navel) you have begun to overflow with love. This happens in the fourth centre, our heart. The meditator reaches into the heart. As you reach this centre of your being suddenly an explosion of love and compassion and joy and blissfulness arises with such force that it hits the heart and opens it. When you feel this energy your potential to share this love is abundant. You are limitless in all that you can give, overflowing. You have the opportunity to share your love and your joy and your laughter. In sharing, you find that you feel even more full. There is no need to go anywhere or to make any effort. You can enjoy sensuality without possessiveness or attachment, you can give birth to child or a project with an equal sense of creatively fulfilled. Everything around you seems to be coming together now. Enjoy it, ground yourself in it and let the abundance in you overflow.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Feeling the need to connect?

What are you connected to? A time, a person, a place. Sometimes we have a need or a desire to connect with a view to find some sort of stability or assurance. Sometimes we might feel disconcerted especially during times of change, thats because we are doing just that, changing. When our ground is shifting it feels unstable. However if you think about the universal force or energy that is always moving forwards and outwards and we as humans are a life force on this planet within the universe and to be sure we do not fall off this in reality. We are still here, aren't we? It's how we think about change that creates the instability. Instead of being change itself. Therefore we have to reinforce our beliefs that we are steady, we can move and be flexible and should always explore our range of emotional reactions as well as our physical reactions. What are we holding on to? Can you hold the space that your right now and create clam and steadiness within with a view to sustainable energy to support you being you? Meditation for the day I connect with my heart to the universal spirit of energy and dimension. I am connected and in the right place now doing what is right. I am open to new opportunity, I have created this here and now through my own thoughts. I give thanks for all that have in my life and don't stress about what I haven't got. I enjoy all I that I have in my life.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

What's new with you?

What's new with you? February is the last haul of winter, our days are getting longer and we can begin wake up to the potential of spring. Coming out of hibernation and with shoots of inspiration let's start the process of potential personal expansion. Instead of the usual greeting of, "hi, how are you"? How about asking "what's new with you"? Ask yourself the same question today. We have had two new year celebrations and a new moon and the start of a new Luna cycle, have you tapped into the possibility of change yet? Change is going on all around us all the time. It is often unsettling even when we know it's good for us. We can feel vulnerable and anxious or elated and excited. Positive change though brings freedom from past doubt, liberation and empowerment. Are you sailing round the same pond or sailing uncharted waters? Don't bring fear or doubt into your heart or mind. Breath deeply, smile, and stretch yourself. Have a look at this link, a very inspiring take on this new year of the dragon. It will give you hope. Visions you’ve been holding deep within your heart, such as experiencing loving community, lasting peace, spiritual illumination, and restoration of Mother Earth become potently activated and, like magic, could manifest ‘right before your eyes.’the-water-dragon/