Monday, 19 March 2012

Are you a winner in life's lottery?

Are you a winner in life's lottery? I was having a conversation with my friend about dreams and adventures and asked if he did the lottery. Yes was the reply, weekly and for a long time however he had never had a win, not even a tiny one. So I asked if he wanted to win, yes again. I then enquired as to the intention at the point of purchase. Do you think your going to win or think it's an unlikely prospect. It turned out he doesn't buy the ticket in person but does it on line by a weekly direct debit. I was not surprised by the poor result as I observed that there is no connection with the action. There is minimum thought going into the action. It's a half or less than half of a gesture. In life if we are to play to win then we must sure our integrity is right. I suggested with the lottery that my friend buys the ticket in person and repeats the mantra "I am the winner" whilst ticking the boxes. Like meets like. The winnings always go to the winner. Isn't this what we should all do? Repeat I am a winner in our box ticking culture. Why not believe? It's a cosmic spark that gives us life and therefore we are all a winner by making our way to life on planet earth. The law of attraction says that we attract what we are thinking towards us. Doubt, fear and anxiety can be replaced with a positive approach to life. Most of the time we are just walking in the wrong direction or living the wrong way round. It's worth a try, if you are in the lottery of life start playing to win.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Good yoga/bad yoga

When is yoga bad for you? When your not doing it right? When is life bad for you? When your not living it right. How do we know the difference. Well the debate goes in the yoga world that there are a lot of bad teachers out there who aren't qualified. But who taught us to live? Yes ok I can hear you all going "that's such a stupid thing to say" and all the rest. Surely yoga is a tool for living, not just standing on our heads. It's my observation that (and I am a qualified, insured and experienced yoga teacher) everyone learns in different ways and as much as we as teachers and students can work within safe boundaries but we also need to be challenged. It's my thinking and that of the way of karma, that by repeating good actions with self awareness we become established in something good. That could also translate into safe and steady. So let's put this into a practice for living. If we don't know how to get out of something safely should we do it? By By repeating the same good action again and again we become established in something good. The reverse of course is true. If we are going to cause potential harm to ourselves and others by being bloody minded and to do it regardless we will never evolve or become established. We tend to learn from experience and yoga helps us to be aware of our sensitivity to tension, pain and discomfort. As for me as a teacher in reaction to all the  bad press about yoga been dangerous, that's another debate. But some people you just can't tell. But I am always learning.