Saturday, 7 April 2012


What's hatching for us yoga chic's? What's hatching what's new? What was those new year intentions all about and what's happening now? Easter is all about new life and beginnings. We now have a holiday time to rest, and perhaps reevaluate our new year resolutions and so forth. Which dreams are hatching into real life experiences and what's not taken shoot. What and where in our life do we need to cultivate more love and where are what do we just need to let go. It's a time to give thanks for the life that we have. To show gratitude to those who help us and also for the rewards of our own dedication to becoming a better person. Take time this weekend and especially at the time of the full moon to be mindful of what we are holding in our mind, body and heart. To breath deeply with gratitude and be open to all potential that is around us. Spend time reflecting on your sense of being, remember we are human beings and become less focused on the doing or the action but more conscious of the bing behind the action. Are you just great at doing or are your great being? ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT LIFE FOLLOWS THOUGHT.