Monday, 14 May 2012


TIME FOR CHANGE My regular students will know that my classes find there inspiration from the cycles of the moon. Right now we are between a full moon and a new moon and this quality of time is all about release and letting go. A great time for detoxing, be it with diet or how about considering that thought is food. How appetising is a negative thought? Think back to the full moon (last week) and reflect on what was happening in your life then. What were you full of. This week we are leading up to an eclipsing new moon which supports change. New moons are traditional for wishing on, meditating, considering what you need to do next, creating inspiration and most importantly vibrant vital energy to support the changes that are happening. To get the most out of this time THS WEEK is to really think about what are you full of, what or where you need to let go and then start to create a clear space to dream within. If your full of goodness and vitality, hold that space and know this energy is expansive. Use it wisely. If things aren't going so well, start to clear out. Its hard to let go even when we know we have to. Embrace positive change. It's time to create something new. Let life follow your thoughts.