Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PUT ON YOUR VENUS GLASSES and see the world differently

THE VENUS EFFECT Are you ready to change? Sometime over the past 24 hours Venus moved in front of the sun and we are now living though what is called the venus transit. This has been a massive excitement for astronomers and astrologers and the little folk like me to take inspiration from the cosmic environment that we live in, be in real or not. The more of us who tune into a positive vibration the better. So what does this mean for us on earth? Well the effects of this rare transit are going to last until 2117 so we have lots of time to get into this vibe but please consider this effect not only for yourself but for the whole world. We can expect to feel more love! Not that love that's full of condition, expectation and control cos as we know that's a western ideal and not the love that I am feeling. We should expect a greater willingness to overcome conflict. Let's start with letting go of what we are clinging on to and let that release flow, in time others will feel our release, but we have to feel it first in ourselves. We can have a greater ability to accept others and to see only the best. Venus specs on, no more angry eyes! And with this a renewal of hope for world peace and security. At some point we are all going to be sick and tired of a world at war and conflict. Thinking on a universal level, if we prod someone through irritation, in thought, word and deed, then this sensation reverberates around our lives and those who are around us going outward to those we don't know gathering momentum until this irritation is massive and causes something unpleasant. This Venus transit offers us the opportunity to reverse this process and change the way we see ourselves, those in our life and those we don't know. So are you ready, venus specs on, smile and pick up on this energy and enjoy.