Wednesday, 29 August 2012



I knew this would be an attention grabber. It's a full moon this Friday which is a great time to fast. If you only want to know this much then here is the link, enjoy.

What about considering self discipline. Do you know the difference between discipline and self discipline? In a recent class with Gurmukh and her husband they both spoke of the power of self discipline, this been when we are sensitive to what is good for us as a-posed to someone telling us what to do or not to do. Only we as individuals know when something feels right or wrong.

Not only is it a full moon this weekend but the seasons are changing and summer is drawing to and end. That back to school feeling is so deep rooted in us that even when we no longer go to school there is a recognition of a change of clothes and different energy.
Hopefully feeling rested and restored after your holidays it's time to give yourself a sadhana.

This is a sort of day off, but you might not be able to take a day off so it could be a day when you choose to be more conscious of yourself, or perhaps mindful.

The full moon (and new moon) times offer us time to reflect, meditate and start something new. That something new can be as simple as a change in attitude, just to be better. A better person, friend, family member, work colleague. To apply ourselves for the better.

The fasting element doesn't have to be a food fast, it can be thought fast. Detox your mind.
Whatever you need to do, just do it. I again shedding 6lbs worth of toxic thought!

Here is an old article that I did about living with the Luna cycle, it might be old but not as old as the moon.

Good luck and hope to see you in class soon.

I highly recommend the book by  Gurmukh, the 8 human talents.


Friday, 3 August 2012

GOING FOR GOLD - how to achieve your personal best.

Inspired by the Olympians here in London and observing their every practiced move. Noticing  that every time they step out they are relaxed, clam, focused, assured by their constant repetitive practice that will  do their very best to win.

Whatever our level of yoga practice (life) isn't our life mission about striving for gold every day.

With each breath, each thought, each action. Through constant observation and reflection we know see our  improvements.  When we have slipped from our practice which we do from time to time, we might not get  full marks on that day, but we know that we can get better.

Live each day as if your going for gold. Make it your mission.