Friday, 4 October 2013


The time on our yoga mats is like being put  on hold. It's  a sacred space of time to cultivate a sense of being. It's a pause for ourselves where we can just be. Like the pause between each breath, we are in a space of change. The mat can be also a holding bay, like a parcel on a shelf waiting to be delivered. Can we be this still and patient, yet in the stillness we are always moving. The quality of energy that we are working with can feel as if we are in a mirco climate, both tropical  storms and intense heat will challenge our senses and make it hard to be peaceful. Yet it's the circumstances of our inner environment that create both the desire to change and the natural process that is taking place.

We can either trust that we are in a universal holding space or cultivate trust in ourselves to know when it's the right time to move and when it's right to hold.