Thursday, 19 June 2014


Lisa Askem is an urban yogi, keeping life real and inspired through her practice of yoga.

The difference between yoga and other exercise discipline's is that there is a philosophy that underpins our yoga practice. The philosophy is the foundation and is what works on and off the mat. It creates the stability that enables flexibility. Yoga after all is a balance of both mind and body, both are relevant.

Today I am dedicating my blog to time  - this moment is your life.

We all have the same amount of time. For each and everyone of us the minutes are the same. How do yours feel?

The time is always right, it's just that our thoughts influences the time that we are in. Where as the universe is consistent in providing all that us right for us. Is it time to get out of your head and into your life

To get the most out of our time try asking yourself  what are holding, tension, negativity,  fear, doubt. These states are limiting and create obstacles within ourself.  If we are to get positive energy flowing you need to create a clear space to dream within.

Our bodies and mind hold tension and pain, all we can be is aware of this and be sensitive to it. If something hurts, don't do it. Don't push beyond pain, cultivate patience and breath easily. Over time you will feel better. That time can be minutes or longer. Respect that which is difficult, there is a lesson to learn.  If you want to overcome the difficulty then seek to understand the source. Yoga is an opportunity for  self enquiry. A yoga practice is the ultimate detox, like fatty food sitting on our  hips, negativity sticks to our very being and makes us sluggish and tired, just the same as how junk food makes us feel.
If on the other hand  you are  full of love  and vitality, hold that space and know this energy is expansive. Use it wisely. If things aren't going so well, start to clear out. Its hard to let go even when we know we have to. Embrace positive change.

It's time to create something new.