Tuesday, 5 May 2015

DROP YOUR LOAD, the road to enlightenment.

I am still working with this idea of that some yogis doubt their ability to find enlightenment.

I thought about what enlightenment means and considered my answer to be "feeling lighter".

Therefore all we have to do is let go of the load. And there lies the problem. Many western yoga practices are purely physical and people focus on drinking the green drinks and repeating namaste without any guidance or encouragement to look inside ourselves.

What to do? Easy, stop and watch yourself, every action, every thought, read Patanjali and start with the Yamas and Niyamas. Guides to living well. Remember this on journey it is not about the clothes a that we wear but the actions that we take.

Tension is a heavy weight, we feel it in our body, often it's painful. Tension in our head is like an itch that you can't scratch, creating internal aggravation but it is also a heavy weight that we are carrying.

It's easy to say let it go, but it's a start, breathe and be easy with yourself, practice gratitude for the small things in life, take time to watch the clouds pass by and perhaps when one stops trying so hard to find enlightenment one finds that your are enlightened.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Yoga - who promised enlightenment?

Its a full moon this eve and today whilst reading my top Luna lady, Yasmin Boland @ moonology.com I was shocked to read this statement form her.....

"Lately I've been reading a lot about disappointed yoginis (aka yoga girls) who are shocked to learn that doing their yoga practice, drinking green smoothies and saying "Namaste" a lot didn't bring them the promised enlightenment".

I have to agree with her when she says she is not surprised by this. A yoga practice is something that helps you to be better than you are. Who promised enlightenment?

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and am fortunate to have taught  this since my daughter was born on 22 years ago. I spent an initial 8 years in teacher training, learning to be a better teacher and the rest of the time practicing at  being better at being myself through all of life's challenges rather than challenging myself  with a limited diet, a challenging asana practice, and repeating word that have no connection to the people that are around me. I live happily, most of the time and always remind myself that the Buddhists say 80% is perfect.

Practice postures, breathing and meditation, because it's a great thing to do but do notbe attached to this or seek special rewards. Isn't it about realising the difference these practices make us feel, happier, alive, vibrant and most importantly able to help others.

In recent years I have withdrawn from a so called yoga community as I felt little love from those who say namaste rather than hello you look great today or why so sad would you like a coffee and a chat.

Yoga is just a tool towards being better.

So this eve it's a full moon. Take a break today and step out with nature, breath and smile. It's that easy. Give gratitude for our time here, the moon time proves that there is constant change and its up to us to be part of that.